Hey guys,

From this day, I post my feeling writings which were born someday. It could be a short story or a short paragraph but all of them were my love and my mind. It’s a moment 2 remember whatever happened. I luv each day passed my life!

Some were appeared in public communications by some ways. Don’t surprise about it and think that I steal from someone! All are mine 🙂 I want to share with U ’cause U r a part of them and of my life. Thanks so much!

I cried but I always think that all old time are good time. And today is always better than yestersay. We make it happen!

Read these as a way to see me and see how beautiful life is! Don’t be disappointed though sometimes, all U want to do is killing Urself or someone! There are always miracles here, in the world and in our heart. Trust me!

God bless U! Luv ya’! Muah!!!

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