Full name: Cao Bao Vy
Nickname: Ariel Pretty, Đùi Gà Chiên, ss Ken…
DOB: 21st May 1983
Current job: PR & Communication Officer, FV Hospital, HCMC
Marriage: Married and has one little girl
Favourites: Eating delicious dishes, reading good books, writing and talking about… everything


I love writing

When I was at second year at university, I had realized that I really love writing and I knew that surely I would have writing as my main occupation. It would be a bit late when I just realized my great love for writing at that time since I was studying at class specialized in literature when I was small. I found it a regret for me to choose Banking University instead of Social Science and Humanization University to study. Ultimately, the biggest luck was that it was not too late for me to have writing as my life’s occupation and to become a professional writer.

I started writing articles and stories for the newspapers and magazines when I was at the second year of university. I collaborated and wrote for 2!, Hoa Học Trò, Mực Tím, Phu Nu HCM, Tiếp thị & Gia đình, Sài Gòn Tiếp Thị, etc. With such a good background, I was selected to work as a reporter for Sun Flower Media after university graduation. I worked as a full-time journalist for Tiếp thị & Gia đình Magazine and supported the team of Phong Cách Magazine. After two years working for Sun Flower Media, I moved and arrived the new destination in my writing career, Edge Marketing, an advertising agency from UK, where I worked as a copywriter.

I just did the work of a copywriter at that agency for only 6 months because after a short time, I realized that I did not love copywriting as I thought before. I loved writing for magazines and newspapers more. So, I quitted that agency and then be back to work for Sun Flower as an editor. At that time, in addition to producing articles for Tiếp thị & Gia đình, I was in charge of writing for Tiếp thị & Gia đình Wedding and Cosmopolitan. It was really a memorable time for me when I really found that I loved the works of an editor so much. Despite of stress and high pressure, I was determined to stay. However, I thought that my love tie with editor job just lasted so long.

In June 2010, I left Sun Flower Media for the second time and began working for FV Hospital. This was one of the most lucid decisions in my life. It was as clear-sighted as the decision that I chose writing as my life’s occupation. As working in PR, Communication and Marketing, I knew that I was born to do this job, in addition to working as an editor. It made me felt in love with it. I really love it and I can do it well. This happiness was as if you love someone and he also loves you. I have been happy and become fond of this job so far.

Writing is not only my work but also a useful tool to help me write back all the memories in my life. And this is the most important reason to create this website.

I love my current life.

Because I have a lot of works to do: working at FV Hospital, writing stories, articles, working part-time for advertising agencies, taking care of my home, planning my family trips, and enjoying beauty care at spa at the weekend and many other interesting things to do.

Because I have many people to love: my parent, my husband, my little Sory, my brother, other members in my great family and my dear co-workers. And they also love me with their heart.

Because I have many dreams to realize and make them coming true: opening a small store for my mother, building a large and beautiful house for my family and most importantly, bringing up my little Sory, etc.

I, of course, sometimes, fall in depression and sadness. However, after coming over all the barriers, I retain at my side, what is the most valuable. I love my current life for these.

I want to say thank you.

Thank you for visiting and/or reading this website and/or seeing my pictures and/or leaving your comments on my writings and/or contacting me by this or that way. Thank you for respecting and sympathizing with for what I have written.

And now, if you want to see more my pictures, please visit here. If not, please continue your journey on what you are interested in.

Wish you a nice and happy day!

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